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released August 2, 2012



all rights reserved


MidaZ The BEAST Orlando

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Track Name: Take Me With You
I’m trying to go where you go
Whether fast pace or you move slow
Wherever you walk I’m a follow
It seems around you the sun shines brighter
Birds play and sing
It’s like you’re the most prepared for what the worst day will bring
Take me with you
It’s no secret I absolutely love you
I’ll do whatever I don’t give a f**k boo
Spend myself into bankruptcy
Just so you can have things lovely
For you I walk across Japanese SAI’s barefoot
Have surgery give away a kidney like I don’t need mine
For you I run into a brick wall
And attempt to climb up the mountain with my arms tied
You’re the best of all God designs
Or maybe the combination of all things perfect in a woman
And baby you can trust through your trials and tribs and obsticles
If you beefing or you leaving then I’m coming
Listen I know where we at now is not where we envisioned
And you’re currently not receiving the lovin that I’m giving
I’m asking you to take me with you
So we can make official
And break the issues that can shake the fiscal
True love’s a once in a lifetime set up
So I’m a love you until I’m dead boo…dead up
I hope we spend our lives as one
If not baby I’ll follow ‘til our lives is done
If you fly I run…you know that I’m bout that
I’m sure that your eyes is the sun can’t live without that
Track Name: Time Wins
You cant pretend to match wits with time
cause time wins/
aint no outrunning something thats really nothing in the end/
we all age like the skin of fruits,
when one man pass/
the old earth produce new recruits
to die slow live fast /
need to be wary of ya time n***a/
see it waits for no man,
fish or plant
you can miss the chance dunce/
the most precious things in life happen once
like the marriage to ya true love,
or the birth of ya son/
you'll never recapture,
deadbeat dads scheming for dime sacks,
you ask them what they wish for
they say they time back/
is it,
possibly something that you could really trade,
like write me a check for 50
i'll give you them 30 days/
its more like
n***a play ya cards right,
be alright/
or else
your old in hospital beds
regrets all night/
hold every moment as true
and keep ya honor too
cause tho time is man made its before and follows you....time wins
Track Name: Cheatin On You
My girl be acting like I’m cheating on her with the music
She claimed she caught me flirting so I challenged her to prove it
She say she notice subtle differences on how I’m moving when I’m with her
But ni**a that sound to me like I ain’t do sh*t
check the scene me in the lab after dinner with a toothpick
Biting off cigar tips contemplating Goose sips
Dinner was at Ruth’s Chris
But it was too bi**h and now I feel like being ruthless
She wanna watch a movie
I don’t wanna watch it, sue me
My man done copped a oohwee and he coming thru to do beats
When the samples triggered she jealous of the way I’m dancing with it
She just envious of the zone that I entered but
Music sparks the party in the summer starts the calm in the fall
And the way she so aggressive in the winter
What brings me to the center, she who sings to me's the winner
Late nights asking God for a miracle, he sent her
My lady helped me see it
That music is needed to set the freeing of my being
She’s dispensable I meet another like her
Who’s equivalent to music?
Like the stripes on a tiger there is none
Dogg Pound told me it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none
And her, I can share
I watched my woman pack her bags and do her hair
I think she said she getting out of here
I couldn’t hear with the music playing
Track Name: Passin By
passing by her
im looking at my sneakers
id classify her
as fire
the mastermind who designed her
must have the eye of a tiger
cause everytime i go by her
its like my deepest desires make me weaker

walking pass her
i start to walking faster
the kind of woman that you should talk to pastor after passing
to ask her
anything after saying hello
is actually asinine to me
half my spine turn to jello

turning heads by the gathering
got me smitten as living as christian
with Mary Magdalen
wishing to kiss her
but knowing she’ll notice that im shivering
got me quivering
she’ll laugh at my flat attempts at chivalry

once im passed her im so relieved
i could fracture both of my knees
from a tractor rolling thru me
and still id be smiling so wide
thered be jealously due from cheese
theres no evergreens losing leaves
cause im more afraid of me feeling too much

if i go in i have to go in
she dont strike as the type thats unknowing
of where shes going
to call her pretty isnt giving the proper recognition
to her
ms elusive the tectonic plate shifter mover

mustering up the courage is flustering
wonder if theres enough of me to per sue her
to lose her’d be such a crush to me
lust can be such tough disease
just a look to me
prolly be good to me i could touch the trees

yeah she noticed me i can sense it
its a feeling to powerful to mention with a sentence
secretly been in love with her long as i can remember
i see her every saturday at the gallaria center

now she’s asking me what my name is
im feeling famous i tell her
any flowers youve got from admirers im the seller
loving u from afar for years so afraid of rejection
i kept it hidden inside until now i ready to spread it

she tells me she’s flattered
and gives me credit
tells me something this sweet hasnt happened to herin forever
no only is she taken shes engaged
and the man she plans to marry’s working hard to earn his wage
and if id approached her any moment earlier than this stage
id have a chance
but as it stands we’ll be going our separate ways

and i was afraid of feeling too much
Track Name: In My Life
In my life I’ve seen scenes
Tailor made for movie screens
Friends flip to enemies
And dream upon me injuries
Cash low
This is me
The asshole
Vividly remember things
fast glow
The memories usually past slow
I rose from out the water where the thugs drown
Momma wanted a daughter
And my father couldn’t ever put the drugs down
Lived through empty promises dun
Was showed the path by the honor less ones
Moms never told a lie tho
I realized the fate of some men
Just use ya real eyes
The pain’ll come in
You see they real lives

I had confidence issues
I couldn’t conquer them simple
So it turned into a monster my mental
There’s an inner me I’ve blocked from the pencil
To keep the outer presentable
Sometimes I wanna shout in my interviews
But who’ll hear me
I’m less of a man if my jewels teary
So I sit alone and play groove theory
In my life
I rarely said thank you but there’s a few people I owe a thank you too
My aunts and my uncles I’d like to thank you too
You can act like you don’t know why but I think you do
The world don’t revolve around me
Ya’ll think I think it do
See my life aint been a crystal stair
All the time feeling like I missed the fair
The name of life aint mr fair
I move slow like its troubling to switch the gears
When I speak on me
I’m not just trying to get you scared

In my life I had friends I coulda saved from they fates
Do it again and I’d have taken they place
I learned life shies from making mistakes
That’s why I might cry but take it as hey
What can you do right
I used to open my pad and write by the moonlight
Now I keep those feelings inside
Wrapped in cocoons tight
I read a story bout black thought
He keeps in his pocket
All the tragedy he faced in his life
I see his logic
See it’s tough for me to spill out to ya’ll cats
Personal issues of what I’ve been through
I aint ready for all that
I’m one of those guys who gave his heart to a woman
During candid conversation and the chick never called back
In my life…
Track Name: RealEYES
nah nah nah
dont be doin no shoulder shruggin
you in ya teens you aint tryna hear ya older cousin
but from experience i'm hoping that you notice something
and you can trust me cause years ago i was known for buggin
skipping classes for btiches and liqour shots
fuck the rules
staying true to the game
be on the block
there wasnt no one to school me
so i was not
tryna pay attention
was hardly listening to my pops
cops barely putting fear in the kid
was like
daytime's just for tossing beer in my wig
and night
i'm with my niggaz on the pussy chase
shoulda been studying books
now i'm older broke
with a bushy face
i'm speaking it because i love you daddy
its time to focus on ya life
you know me i aint tryna be ya younger daddy
i hope you listen while i'm rhymin
uncover them artifacts
and please stay out the position im in
money's hard
paying the rent is a struggle buddy
hopeful employers looking at me like a fuckin dummy
and i'm desparate ribs touching and looking hungry
that shit you getting into now
i done done it ugly
and now i'm holding up my wallet
and tryna show the kinda ambition a nigga shoulda showed in college
see life is a prison if you earning ya way dishonest
the cycle is skipping
kids aint living up to they promise
disciples is missing nowadays
cause everybodies talking leadership
follow a boss to be on some leader shit
there wasnt twelve jesus's
so son
i'ma just roll a couple bags of truth to smoke in ya lungs
get ya education
see whats saving me is my love to write
you know i'll hold you down if i'm ever famous
but if its not in the cards to be the hottest of stars
i'm bitter putting my aggression in bars
dont get caught in the matrix
my little homey
soon you'll be a man dont be stuck in that fake shit
ideologies of ice having and
you dumbing from guzzling quarts
use your brain cells on space travelin
come up ya thoughts
and seek the truth behind the lies out
the fake in the world in secret tries to guage ya eyes out
and watch them rappers you listen to
they hustlins done
none of them motherfuckers bustin they guns
they might fuck a couple hoes
but the damage thats done
when wildin out they just influence the young
look ya auntie told me now you tryna rhyme like son
i think i have to put u on to how these lines is done
Track Name: Marvin
I�m stuck

Behind welfare

And failed healthcare

And hell yeah hells here

We in deaths lair

It�s a blessing to live

But birth is the curse

Whats worse

Our faiths been hurt

And merked for the church

I�m trapped between the gates of fate


Governments like

Fuck what they wanna do

Its what we make them

So we naturally assume

Its they fault and we hate them

Til truths are uncovered for my brothers that it aint them

Higher powers got me living bummy off dice

That�s right

Cause my life

I treat money like Christ

Its wrong

To my capturers I�m a barcode

Whose lost soul was sold for gold on crossroads

They pack us like rats in the ghetto

Play us from above like japetto while attracting the devil

Liquor stores surround ours

Like prison walls

Being drunk is prohibited

Don�t play your music loud

Now being crunks limited

Ways of the world

We the bottom dwellers that was raised by the squirrels

Have mercy

Its partly our fault

Bad earth seeds

And curtis don�t help ask percy

We climb from the bottom

Just to make it to the bottom

Right beans

There�s fat ass cream in rice and beans

At 14 girls is likely to look like 19

Younger and younger they have pipe dreams

I lost the love

The zest to be fresh

Cause love is now hate

All respect is in death

I ask

When did life stop giving a shit

And since when being ignant was slick

Its not fam

About bread

Its hard to get it legit

So now we concentrate to get it to flip

Like got damn

I feel life loves niggaz that�s rich

And the rest of us can stumble and sit

In hot sand
Track Name: Flash Forward
summertime 09
flashbacks summertime 95
we can take it back to that timeline
clinton in office
niggas was beefing then about getting the system off us
dealing with different tortures
economy in a surplus
you could tell by a nigga acts
yall came from caddillacs to lex coups and slicker ac's
karl kani jeans
gary payton sneaks bigger hats
no shirt
on ya stomach i miss my nigga tats
old gold slow sippage
black n mild known incense
yall kept the shotti screwface
and smiled in no pictures
i was a little yuko
watching the older niggas shift from in and out of grouphomes
my family was too broke
corn flakes for breakfast
ramen noodles for lunch
pot pies for dinners how i remember it
getting in trouble for playin in the street
tryna watch the pretty girls double dutch
they was killin it
i wanted what i seen my white friends having
so i schemed from then to make the shit happen god willing it
coming in late to asswhoopins
sorry moms
she would get stressed then rest
playin minnie ripperton
pops he a mystery
that was a man i always heard about
but it was hard to make him out visually
but i dont harbor hard feelings
thats gods card dealing
upon chillin he giving that outta prison speech
but i aint tryna hear it
so link up with my uncles
cause they was cool
would drink brews and build on some lyrics
summertime 95 when cuban linx dropped
the infamous too
i was just getting into hip hop
the shinin
clue tapes doo wop
biggie smalls singles
that me against the world shit from tupac
we didnt recognize that moment in time
at least now i get to show my love to it in rhyme

remember back then
them carhart days
niggas had the half moon invading they waves
but what about now
we cant call it
we wanna go back but we must advance forward
thats a flash forward

summertime 09
summertime 95 memories
got me tryna figure the differences
now i sip the old gold slow
instead of watching niggas
the po po still spot and stop to get us
obama in office
osama wont forfit
its true a lots changed
but when i walk in moms house
there go minnie ripperton
she still asking why im late
everythings the same
the moneys at recession levels
for a minute gas was nuts
bailout plans
old people tryna pass the buck
the corner stores is still populated
niggas shootin dice
looking suspicious
asking for cops to raid it
thats the portrait thats painted
the little kids see my whip and tell me i made it
i aint made shit
we aint quite go from slaveships to spaceships
we came from the earths core
now we in the basements
but what makes summertime so special
the sun puts in longer hours
lighting up ya next move
your longer chain sway
in accordance to ya chest moves
from breathing
and now what was scheming is called a chess move
plot one
remenisce to show yourself your not done
dont be down on ya life
be happy cause u got one
its summertime baby
beer bottles barbeques
09 new music
for digging like garden tools
sticking to ya soul like barnicles
the nightmusic family tree
releasing his particles
as imakemadbeats and au
heart n brain and greymatter
thats what they'll be putting on they nephews too
ill have my cousin bumpin madvillain
watching us get bent
cracking jokes just chillin
hollin at bitches to have the nerve to fuck with em
and thats how the cycle starts again
its summertime
Track Name: The Duelist
official aficionado
fisherman hat and wallos
fidgety gat for suckers
and filibuster the 5 0

no duelist should ever go fuck with lion o
me and my tribal shift thigh bones to spinals

fuck combing beards
escape in front of the overseers
wearing bombs telling them to come near us
they fear us
something like deers and spears
thats why they jeer and prick they ears
when the word hits the wires niggas is here
its crystal
but where im from cuz its crystal dont mean its clear
but you see it
im like a deacon
a beacon of light for peers
beast speaking in tongue
with his tongue speaking in mouth
till his mouth leap from his face
and his face fall in his hands
and his fingers start up that glowing
he learned from sookie the fairy
a force emits from his glands
that at night can light up the prairie
fairly or unfairly he’s treated wearily
rarely does he disapear where they dont ask where is he
he’s wearing jeans
at local nightclubs scaring teens
he will ferrel
and piss excellent keroscene
old bear ghyrllz
no berenstein bear
long as he stack bills
dont care for clean hair
never once he posed for stills
plus he’s killed
its real
you know the filled landfill he last seen there
Track Name: President
eh yo i'm trapped inside a cage
where there's different living conditions everyday
there's hidden surveillance camera's thats watching where i stay
plus secret service security
be chilling round my way
and the reason all revovles around they fear what i could say
see i'm a revolutionary nigga thats young
a reincarnated huey p newton on drums
i try to see chips they put my paper chase on stun
so that the money never makes it to the place i'm from
thats why its time to reestablish
the original black asiatic
so we make sure his relevance lives
because the way things is going
look at what bet is showing
we shoulda walked archapelago's bridge
been the first on new soil to see the birth of some kids
instead we chose to sell our own to the devils in wigs
now what's my last name
now trace my ancestory
and the search gets harder
the further back you go
dunn i'm sure its not the same
how the fuck i'm s'posed to find out
the records with the facts have been burned
or either lied about
so i'm adhering to the method thats too
remain the realest motherfucker
thats respected as true
elevate my thoughts beyond the evidence proved
because the shit'll never change until the presidents you

yes my people trapped in torture racks
from narcississt luger
so i try to bring the culture back like aaron mcgruder
i use whats ultimately there in computers
to reaffirm
that we been silenced kid
virused by some germs
that we aint see
bloodsuckers leeching the shit
while public schools aint teaching us shit
they socially pass us
when we aint ready
and if we are they harrass us
till dammit we aint ready to pay attention in classes
i'm not waging war against the whites but the masses
cause there's niggaz who play other better than actors
the prince is just that
among brothers i tip my glasses
so we can co author a plan to fix the atlas
africans treated like savages
racially profiled while tryna purchase a game from babbages
there's no love inside the cabbages of powers that be
its hard to view their reptilian form the owls can see
given the wind dont change direction we can follow the breeze
and track the vapor trail they leave through the foliage leaves
but when we catch them there's no one to show the evidence too
because nobody gives a fuck unless the presidents you
Track Name: Chariots
chest out
with the helmet that never tarnish
cape of woven jasmine with the letters thats velvet on it
prisoners rush they masters to touch the hem of his garment
the fact he isnt honored by other artists is alarming
to him
sue him
cue him for posing
in front of bastards
see spreading his light on the planet is really what son is after
fun shalacker
capture a slacker
make him run fast with asthma
i couldnt catch it from a crafty passer
sack a packer
blacking with a track stacker
make a battle rapper put his backpack up
the winner keep it
i get it and burn the shit
then fill the deep end
of a pool with the ashes and turn and spit
disrespectfully speaking
to you lions in sheeps skin
im a lion in lions skin
while meditating
on a silent wind
you’ll know he went to work before his time is in
its hard to figure out the fragile state his mind is in
or grasp an understanding of that canon that lies in him
supports his fans
a key to they fandom
is he random
next album droppin hes rocking mandarin
with all of the samples derived from mandolins
the interviewers hate him cause he dont smile for the camera lens
Track Name: All My Love
disinterested in class
not worried bout no ass neither
all because of music
and its hold on me
i caught the sickness thats brass fever
plus addicted to rap
seems ta
take attention from
whomever that needs ya
hard to enjoy the reefer when i’d just write on the rolling papers
was gassed for features
would do em for free for any takers
many tapedecks wrecked
vexed its like a person died
leaving the lab was sad
my heart would almost burst inside
then i met nemo
now heres a kindred spirit
malignant lyrics
over stupid instrumental minutes
kept me so up in it didnt it
ready to risk it
piss it all away to get it
just another day with written
as my way of living
and there was nothing to change that vision
years later
locked in the laboratory
working on my oratory
former glory gone
its gory
every words a horror story
as a child was all of forty
it wasnt fair
you brought me here
you said the fans adore me
at least they should
and if they could
im sure they would
but sorry
its not realistic huh
my plans was idealistic huh
the train i missed it huh
so now im in this prison huh
messed up position
where im praising music like allah
nobodies listening
and if they are they aint listening hard
my name is midaz
im sorry for that
ill fix ya car
no problem
Track Name: Gone
fuck whatever predicament
you niggas in
collar popped
aint a strongman alive in here can lift my grin
tip my brim
put the same scuffs on faces niggas get on tims
holla ock
we can battle for marrow
static shock
im selecting ya regimen for disappearing
no remorse when i tell the kids about they missing parents
my retort
when its time for sport
is like some pistols airing
i tell that nigga “you better run or ima get you clarence”
im on that you aint never heard of it
burner spit murder shit
you speak but when im here you never utter a word of it
that ill collect the bounty shit
dead or alive
i stalk the county with
ammo to handle
you motherfuckas thats counterfit
lets back to back it
count to six
im out this bitch
Track Name: Me And My Bitch 2011
outtie in the audi whip
the tires on denalis slick
one hand steering wheel gripped
bitch with pouty lips
hangin out the sunroof
pouring champagne on the windshield
im loose off goose
plus the thrill of the heist
a year ago
we decided
living our life
paled in comparison to living the life
we was doing alright
but watching mtv cribs
and celebrity homes
im asking her
you see this shit
she was ready to bone
naked on the futon
lipstick with boots on
tryna get my dick stiff
playing janet jackson 93 shit
anytime anyplace
i couldnt concentrate
my mind was on a bigger place
shrimp, premium lobster on the dinner plate
baby remember how bad you wanted to renovate
listen here
do the knowledge to this
i been plotting for weeks on a plan for getting us rich
all i need is your cooperation a stolen whip
fifty dollars used for fake depositing
a grip on the security measures
(what you talking about)
the bank bitch
im tryna rob the bank
like in i almost got away with it
but we wont make mistakes
im on my A game
we opened an acct. at the bank
under fake names
jeffery and Persephone drake
studied the habits of the cops there and workers
making deposits
using they card to purchase
the items we would need
we became regulars
they respected us
to the point police wasnt inspecting us
they wasnt expecting us to hit em
security deposit box plot was the mission
opened one
started using it fairly consistent
did the knowledge to how the wall of boxes failed to fit in
the corner where the two boxes met was a deadspot
i was sure i could hide there and not get caught
they kept it closed on the weekend
so if i sneak in i sleep in
started putting weird shit in my box
bottled water a tool that could pop locks
plus some extra shit i started hiding in the ceiling
a setup for the day when we would cast out and reel in
it was a friday
we walked in together
no one looking my way
talked to the teller
told her im tryna get inside my box
she let me in
then asked my wife about her reeboks
they started the chit chat
my wife kept it interesting
i climbed into the dead spot with ninja speed
ten minutes pass
she got her gassed
and laughs
how the hell my husband move so fast
gave the teller the key
said she got it from me
when i walked out behind her
and she didnt notice
she bounced im locked in
slight grin
when they closed
started poppin the locks
on some everything goes
then sunday night thats when ya boy changed clothes
when they opened on monday
i walked out slow
looking like the electrical worker they had hired
to work on restructuring alarm wires
tool bag with loot out the front door to boot
with my bitch in the whip looking cute
Track Name: Fantasy
circa 1920
fly suit i sit
at the table in center of the room im in
long day of boardwalk empire bootleg work
i show my face in this place
just to case these jerks
fedora the explorer how i saw her in the corner
the room lit
who she with
im tryna score her
jessica rabbit dress
red pumps
lead singer of the set
responsible for two steps
shes the bees knees
plus the cats meow
the dogs bark
the cows moo
a rappers freestyle
i staggered
she entered the stage
as the curtains rose i froze
suspended in daze
the drummer started with his hi hat
i had to fan myself with my hat
imagining her on my lap
im hoping i could have it
she opened with a ballad
her voice carried
i tried to grab it
but for nought
as it traveled so effortless
never before have i ever sought estrogen
this intense
shit id even be her misses bitch
gunshots couldnt stop the madness
thats it
she that sick
im private dick dragnet
for a split second we lock eyes
its like a portal opened
to the moon outside
do i try
or do i ride
its do it time
its do or die
so i decide
exit the spot
and leave with my sanity
cause the real thing couldnt be as ill as the fantasy
Track Name: S.E.X.
as fingers dance up ya belly button
you say it tickle
i quickly shush you
dont tell me nothin
no time for bringing up earlier over lunch discussions
its time to make the mood worldlier over lush percussion
why you blushin
you know me well
hard to tell
im excited im moving slow as hell
from walking in to me stripping you down from coat to tail
you had you box locked
so it forced me to go to jail
lemme show you what works
dinner was fabulous
and how perfect you for dessert
person to person
you curse a little because it hurts
but you take the pain with a grain
you sustain and you feel the perks
call you jubilee
its a light show
doin it minus the moon because you and me make the night glow
boo im so into you
specially when u in the nude lover
first i get into you
then we interview each other
thats how we introduce each other
we throw the blanket off like we aint got no use for covers
see heres usually when the truths discovered
you use ya lips to give a kiss to where my troops is covered
forward pressing
we goin in
aint no rings on our fingers yet
baby we so in sin
but girl it so hard to resist ya body
once i begin
im tryna have your skin be my skin
i take a taste too
eagerly anticipating ya waist moves
its like u a professional
we role playing
the role im playin is extra new
go head and teach me how to do the things you like to do
and we can leave the room smoking when i share the pipe with you
Track Name: The Rain
pay close attention to the rain
that's symbolic of the pain
embrace what its saying as it strikes (as it strikes)
see all my life i was amazed
by the difference in the days
and how the sunshine represents life
the rains a cleansing mechanism
that most protected vision cant escape
do the knowledge to the system that's in place
the water actually rises from below our feet
from off our skin
from out of the ocean to ascend
that's when the sky plays Hercules
and holds that water up
and when its too much to bear that's when it finally erupts
and races back to earth in a rage or a burst
and sometimes
you hardly notice it on ya shirt
but i acknowledge rain as a substitute for pain
every time it rains i figure somethings gotta change
to acquire change
we must put a plan in motion
keep a hurricane at bay and let it terrorize the ocean
if it has to rain
let it wash away whats broken
so the sun can have it rays
start its healing and atonement
please remember when it rains if you get caught up the moment
its OK
that's the way that god tugs at your emotions
when its grey
we can analyze whats standing in our way
while knowing each sunrise will start another day
truth be told sometime you gotta let it rain
some people don’t feel they pain till after the first drop
you’ll start to feel a change soon after the worst stops
but each particles an article
so it effects lots
its another allegory of the cave
its hard to understand my story when u see me on the stage
but for people to ignore me
or adore me isnt for me
thats my version of pain
thats when i notice the rain
Track Name: Bare All
Be aware

Understand clear

I aint talking bout a bear trap when I say I�m caught up in the snare

With care

I�m properly positioning the track

As if its an overview and the mission is the rap

I give

Such an accurate depiction

When I black

You can literally

Peel back

The friction off the dat

The music takes a life of its own

See the words are the people

For each one the mic is the home

The studio�s the universe

The computer is the earth

Your producer is the god who designs all the work

See now everytime you bite you tongue you cause damage

Cause rappin is the action

That repopulates the planet

On some other shit

Its possible to reach a soul

Just by having people present

When you go unleash a scroll

Use your verbal firestarter partner

Heat the cold

Heres the worlds first tool where the young teach the old

The drums symbolize

The strength

That�s unbreakable

Like stevie wonders ribbon in the sky

If you attempt to catch the truth

Which lives between the lies

You�ll level up from 9 and leave the prison of the mind

The bass is the heart

The heartbeats the bassline

So im glad my producer takes time when he makes mine

The sample represents the blood pumped

The total package presented is what can make the thugs jump

I bare all to help you see you

And lead by example

You see how we do
Track Name: Speech Impediment
Speech impediment never headed him off/ To competitors I be wanting to bless em before they cough/ Stalking these n****s, seeking to stick a fork in these n****s, battle? Sh*t i don't even wanna talk to these n****s/ Honest question somebody tell me how is it was raised in florida since 5 and qualified to bring new york to these n****s/ sizing my opponents, analyzing they components, fantasizing about the moment, that I'm holding em/ by they jugular vein, knuckle near where they belt buckle hang, snatch it from ya frame and juggle ya brain/ Listen Gordo
allow me to inform you I'm immortal/ Using Freudian philosophy to mold me in Portal/ Presiding over my assignments, combining my alliance/ Extra loop on the tape I decided to rhyme in silence on it/ U find it and correctly tell me a bar from it and you aren't hunted/ Gun not girl if I start dumping hope your all ducking/ Verses terrorizing a terrorist, Verizon Wireless hired for organizing my merit list.....Feeding the needy food of a Deity/ Its a B&E easily, eagerly use my TNT/ Freakishly strong, chillin with b*****s in thongs doing wrong, yawn, Its hard for y'all to even get me alarmed/ Raising a flag red for the murder/ Stop this/ Raping the beats
Roethlisberger/ Soon ill be changing my name/ Not to tell where I'm from but the reason for which i came/ For harming these n****s mayne....